Brian Wilson first fell in love with the piano as a primary school student – practicing his scales for hours on end at his parent’s piano. There was something about the tone and feel of that piano that got into his blood. It ignited a love for music and created a thirst to help others find the perfect sound for their performance.

Brian started his apprenticeship as a piano tuner in 1984. Since then, he has travelled the world – training and studying with the masters to refine his skills. This culminated in 2012 when he was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to study the “Selection and Maintenance of Concert Pianos from Factory to Stage”.

He is now one of the most highly trained and experienced piano tuners in Australia, and one of only a handful of concert technicians trained at the Steinway & Sons Academy in both New York & Hamburg.

But he still loves tuning the family pianos for the next generation of concert pianists. After all – every great pianist has to start somewhere and everyone deserves a well-tuned piano to learn on.


  • Steinway & Sons Concert Academy Certificate (by invitation) Hamburg & New York, 2013
  • CF Theodore Steinway Technical Academy for Concert Technicians, Hamburg, Germany – 2009
  • Schimmel Grand Pianos, Braunschweig, Germany (by invitation) – 2007
  • Yamaha Key Essentials, Grand Piano Preparation, Melbourne – 2004
  • Kawai Australia technician training Sydney 2002
  • Kawai Piano Factory, Hamamatsu, Japan (by invitation) – 2001
  • Australasian Registered Piano Technician ARPT 2000
  • Apprenticeship Piano Service Co., Brisbane 1984-1988

Clients who work with Brian comment about his technical excellence. They also mention how easy he is to work with, his professional approach and his punctuality. He respects the tradition of each piano manufacturer and works hard to provide quality results.

Preparing a grand piano for a concert or a performance is not a simple act of adjusting the pedals and strings.  It is working closely with the piano and the musician to help the piano to sound better, feel better and be easier to play. The touch and the tonal sounds of the piano are interwoven. Brian is a master of observation and of tonality – working with the pianist to tweak, adjust and refine the piano until the perfect balance is achieved.

When not playing or tuning pianos, Brian can be found perfecting his classical saxophone in his home studio or with the Pine Rivers Instrumental Music Ensemble. Brian is also an active member of Toastmasters International (Pines Toastmasters) and competes in Masters Swimming Australia events.  


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